Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Life According to Instagram

I have a moderate backlog of Instagram photos (you can find the full spectrum on my pinterest), so today here's some of my 'life according to instagram' around the holiday time. Starting from the top left hand corner clockwise:
1. Watering the Cobblestones (Causeway Bay)
2. Figero (Yuen Long)
3. Convienently Collapsible (Lamma/Central Ferry)
4. Harbor Crossing (Cross Harbor Tunnel from Tsim Sa Tsui)
5. Mmm. Pens (Quips, Olympic City)
6. Tunnel-Vision (Aberdeen Underground Walkway)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

For the Hypochondriacs

Feelin' like a zombie these last few days, which means I've become a recluse and my hypochondriac side is making an appearance.

Here's a video from Lenka (Album: Two) about love where she sings about your heart skipping a beat. Oooof. That won't help your paranoid sides, but it sure is catchy.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Thrifty Magic

If you haven't discovered the magic of thrift-ing, I think you should start.

It requires digging into 40% uninteresting things all of which are 100% not clean to questionable levels, but there are some amazing things in the heaps of stuff that only look  like trash. (just think of your attic at home)

On my way home from work I stopped by the Lamma animal shelter which doubles as a thrift store and took a look. I was kinda tired, and not really in the mood to dig and was on my out, when a dark frame caught my eye. So I stopped and took a second look. Two detailed old style lithograph prints (I mean prints of the original print) in heavy wood and glass frames. Dusty to be sure, so I asked how much there were. Friends, a mere 20 HKD (a little under 3 USD) per frame in it's entirety, art included!

You be the judge, was it worth it?

Personally I think the glass is worth more than that alone. The best part of thrifting is that most of things you find are older, which might mean more repairs, or stains, probably a small chip, something you'll definately have to clean and air out.

Or it could mean things they no longer make that you've been searching for, something the previous owner couldn't appreciate like you can, maybe a more unique piece to hang on your wall than the mass production at Pier One. Or something out of your price range at anthro (p.s. they thrift to get some things in their store too).

Give thrifting a try! Books, art, belts, cameras, furniture at architectural salvage shops, dishes, that can stand the test of years, sometimes decades, can make your home beautiful and unique at a sweet price, while recycling on top of it all.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hexagon Lurv.

I love hexagons.

I'm not sure why, or how it came about, but in my book hexagons are pretty fantastic. The symetrical, pleasantly shaped polygons are structured, crisp and tessalate fantastically. It's no wonder artists choose it in pretty much any medium.

Recently a friend led me to a quilt pattern on Ravelry called the beekeepers quilt. and I was soon swoonin'. Quick as a flash I downloaded that impossibly cheap pattern [$5.50 wuuut?] and knitt myself some hexipuffs. Their as good as you, or perhaps only I, imagined. And they were easy enough, even for a beginner level knitter such as myself. All you need to know is how to cast on, increase, decrease, and Stephanie (tiny owl knits) shows you the rest with helpful pictures.

Sadly, a somewhat dismaying point is that I need about 800 to make a queen sized quilt. Aaand I'm at number 22, so to stay motivated there will be intermittent posts about hexagons. Ones made of yarn or perhaps not; it may even turn into a blatant appeal to convert the masses to why hexigons are so lovely and perfect.

Here's my progress instagram style.
P.S. Zohmg.