Friday, July 31, 2009

Haircuts make me feel pretty.

So, it's been three years since my last haircut and my hair's soft evenly cut layers (not to mention mid-neck length) have turned into choppy, random chunks that fall at my waist. I'm working on selling my hair and hopefully make some always welcomed money but the big choice is how I want to cut it. After digging though the ridiculous realms my hard drive i've found these pictures. Of course, i've yet to thoroughly flip through the hip world of lookbook but nonetheless you should comment/vote on which one is your favorite.

I love Zooey's style, and her fringe.


She doesn't look like she has too put too much work into this

The girl on the right has the sweetest hair.

LOVE this. makes me want to be blonde :(


Her fringe is perfect

This is cute and sweet & probably my favorite.


Love the colors! & the shape of it

This looks hard to maintain, but i'm a fan of the long fringe

These colors are amazing.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Skittery fox, it's ok, please come back.

About a month ago, a flurry of curious events occurred. For some reason I was up before 9 on a Monday without the significant help of my alarm phone. I had eaten a full breakfast, and instead of being lazy and poking about on the interweb, I actually was productively sketching new-might-happen-eventually designs, and thinking how much easier life would be if i had that unexplainable compulsion to obey societies limits on time. Suddenly my mother starts freaking out. Well freaking out might be a strong description, but after all with my views on mornings in general, any sort of excitement is pretty much freaking out.

A truely small animal is never visible from our house, who can see a squirrel in the midst of 3 feet re-seeding grass? I look closer and find myself staring at a fox, or maybe a coyote. It's cute, and for a bit i forget it's dangerous, it trots lightly and despite my hate for disney, i'm reminded of commercials for 'a fox's tale' and begin to revel it's bouncy footstep and bushy orange tale. Two minutes later it slinks under the grass and doesn't emerge.

I'm sit there thinking about the fox instead of sketching. Certainly there was wildlife in my old backyard. In Nebraska we had a whole family of ground squirels which dug so many burrows the ground sunk in extra-hollow areas when it rained heavily and every spring gave birth to about 9 babies which often didn't make it to august. And we had two different burrows of rabbits, who liked to fight over the little patches of natural bluegrass in the evenings. We had that crazy falcon who ate a blue jay once, but nothing as big or predatory as fox.

After that we didn't see it, and although I often did not wake up in time, mother, who is fond of morning gardening, said she only saw it once and our neighbors three dogs had scarred it with loud barking one day and she hadn't seen it since.

So the fox was forgotten until last week, when my neighbors were walking their dog and stoped to regale the early parts of their dog walk with my mother. Apparently said fox, was a girl fox, and girl fox had given birth to a little of baby foxes, which lived conveniantly in a small recess/ravine between the golf course up the hill and the grass field. Her dogs had barked at them, and the 5 of them went skittering back into the field for safety.

While the dogs had won this round, I couldn't help but wonder if there would be another round, one without four small fox pups, and an angry, revengful mother fox. The next day, neighbor put extra tall wire trelaces tied to her already tall fence, and started walking her dogs on the other side of the street.

And so the fox mystery is solved, though i wish, it was a little less dangerous, and less skittery, and would poke it's head out of the field every now and again so i could photograph her and her babies, which by now probably have adorably fluffy tails.

Monday, April 13, 2009

I was never good at tag.

Alright, so i've been of the bloggin' "scene" for around two months so I thought, with the lack of job and excessive amounts of free time I would edit, sew, and post till I was caught up. Starting with the most recent and working back which leads to to this short, but put-off-for-a-week quiz that my friend breeze tagged me in.

I don't really have anyone specific to tag, so if you read my blog (may i say, thank you!) or by some fluk of chance happen to stubble upon it, you are now a tagg-ee. You should also comment please, so I can read your quiz! Ready GO!

p.s. I want to watch the new dragonball z movie, but the banner alone makes me feel like i will miss the time i waste. So if any of you have seen it, tell me what you think!

If I could transform one of my rooms I'd want the style above.
 +++*What is your current obsession? Making wedding dresses, and bread making.
+++*What do you see outside your window? A small playground with occasional visits from a school bus of drama. (more on that tomorrow)
+++*If you could have any super power what would it be? super speed (cause i'm always late) or super charm (so i could take pictures of people and they would be o-k with it)
+++*What is your favorite color? light, light sea-foam green, and grey.
+++*Who was the last person you hugged? my bunny?
+++*What is your hidden talent? uh, i probably can cook a better dinner than you think.
+++*What’s for dinner? mm, whatever's in the fridge, we suen's live off creative cooking.
+++*What was the last thing you bought? a 'work' shirt, and some cookies.
+++*What are you listening to right now? my parents bicker as they unload the dishwasher.
+++*What is your favourite weather? warm and breeze-filled. with beautiful dappled light.
+++*What’s on your beside table? books, sewing machine, computer, trash probably
+++*Say something to the person/s who tagged you. "So, sorry this is so late, but really, shouldn't you expect this by now?"
+++*If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you want it to be? Oh, good god. A villa, either in Lyon or Stockholm.
+++*What is your favorite children's book? The Teacher From the Black Lagoon.
+++*(A) book(s) you're currently reading? Hi-Fashion Tailoring.
+*What would you like to have in your hands right now? A Leica.
+++*What is your favorite tea flavor? mmm. Earl Grey + cream & suga'
+++*What is your favorite article of clothing? My white yarn scarf, it makes me warm and happy. 
+++*What would you like to get rid of? the debris at the bottom layer of my room.
+++*If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go? Dubai.
+++*What did you want to become as a child? an interior designer 
+++*What posters/pictures do you have on your bedroom wall? posters weren't allowed ;(
+++*What is your plan for tomorrow? Apply for jobs, make a skirt, clean my room :/+++* Who is your least favorite celebrity? Anna Nicole smith.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Hurrah, hurray for Fridays, and soulful evenings with friends, good live music and half inch thick by 7 inch cookies. Mmm. I know, it's been a week since I posted, erk, *bonks-self-on-nose* bad Joanna but it's been a long week.

YAY! breezy made me a poppy hair clip it was uber cute :D

Poppy hair clip :D
Tuesday my parents came back from a 13 day search for a new home in colorado, so of course I procrastinated and didn't really clean, and was late picking them up. Then they tell me we have a new home, and the agent is coming sunday, and the moving evaluators are coming monday and I have 4 days to clean, craft, and drive my mother around for errands. BOO. Not to mention they have all this home improvment they have to get worked out this weekend, before my father has to go work in colorado, so their really stressed and barking orders and it's general chaos at my house.

Luckily my friend Amanda saves me, and via the magic/evil of facebook we planned a day of cake baking :D. The recipe changed multiple times but in the end she chose a red velvet 3 layered heart cake with meringue frosting and almond heart garnishes. 2 grocery trips, 15 minutes of trying to get her dog to stop quivering, and a sandwich later, be began on our endeavor. We double the recipe, and had alot of questions (does pink instead of red make a difference, how much cocoa was that again, does the meringue look 'peaked' to you?)
WAIT! 2 cups of vinegar? ..vinegar?! Luckily we didn't put the vinegar in. it was a minor handwriting-0, but still i was reaal hesitant to put 2 teaspoons of vinegar in.

Egg in a shell :D! It's just so perfectly fitted.
Red, well, pink velvet mix.

Question: (this goes to all you bakers) have you ever put vinegar in a cake, any cake? let me know, it was foreign to me! Anyways in the end the cake was going pretty ok, until we put the meringue on. Sorry Amanda, it was just an odd, odd cake, and not very stable, and kinda lumpy. sad :(

Anyways that was Wednesday, on thursday i got lots of colored polyvinyl to make my camera shaped camera bag. Yay for sales! the vinyl was the 3 mm thick premium kind :D! and on sale for 3 dollars a yard (compared to it's normal 7 dollars) I had a good talk with Kionna and we worked out the details to the lining; i spent thursday night making the rest of the template. I plan on devoting my monday to it so plan on pictures maybe tuesday, probably thursday.

Friday the 13 was wonderful, it snowed a butt-ton (7 ish inches). i don't care what the weatherman said no way was it four! for all intensive purposes i discredited him the moment my mother sent me to school in full rain garb with no change of clothes and it didn't rain a lick that day, and i couldn't play with the other children because of my yellow plastic coat that stuck to everything. :/

anyhow....bemis in downtown omaha had a benefit concert FRIGGATRSKAIDEKAPHOBIA!(lineup: Honeybee, Bear Country, Capgun Coup, Conchance, & Box Elders) and my asian counterpart Moral invited me to the preparty with a small tilly and the wall concert! So I dragged my ass out of bed, shoveled the snow, and bust out of the house to brave the crappy snow-covered roads. 20 minutes later I am downtown getting a signature sharpie X drawn on my hand and eating abnormally giant oatmeal raisin cookies. *mini heaven*

We (Alexandra, Moral, Claire, Mary, and I) danced along as tilly played sing songs along, and couple of random songs, a 'beat control' cover, and freest man :D (fave!) And Jamie had her cute nephew there too, which of course i took pictures of. After Moral's dad managed let us meet the band and take pictures *contented sigh*

Honeybee was wonderful, and so was Bear Country (i think i subconsciously like bluegrass/country twang) but at the end i left around midnight, so tired since i had been there since seven. All in all Friday the 13th was a success and nothing but snow went wrong take that!

Susan sings soulfully (Bear Country)
Instrumentalist from Honeybee, jamin' on the melodica
Melissa (Honeybee) & hubby Brandon in the background
Honeybee brought a quilt!
I think she might have noticed Amelie (my camera)
Moral, Alexander, Claire, Mary & I with Tilly and the Wall
Cute keyboardist!
Awesome sketchy man with great shirt & scarf combo.
Balloons & an oval tambourine.
Mmm. Hydration.
Jamie's having fun!
Kionna shows her UK pride
Sing songs along!
They're looking at her nephew who was fixated on the moracca
Opening song
Nephew silhouette

That's all for now!, tomorrow i'm making record bowls and i've decided to make this more a photo & crafts blog so the theme will be animals!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Walter & Tim's Maiden Voyage.

The last week an a half have slipped by, I meant to put up flower production pictures before I posted them on Etsy but... of course I procrastinated for a whole week. :/ The good news is that I made a new resolution to not watch tv without needle in hand, and that has led to the creation of 56 lovely flower clips. So here's to a flower filled week. (Here's the self promtion) These are post production and the most sucessful pictures, they come in 7 colors and you should totally check my etsy for them :D

Somehow during the week, getting the newspaper at 4 became part of my daily routine, and on thursday while rooting through the comics and marketplace ads I noticed a post for antique bonanza in the small town of Walnut, Iowa (self proclaimed antique town) So I phone up master crafter Breanne (aka. minihorse) in Lincoln and suddenly I had Saturday adventure plans!

Now, as most of you probably don't know, I have a spring-suction-cup-attached-to-my-winshield whale which I have dubbed Walter. To go along with walter the whale, I christened my car tim. (doesn't the adventures of walter and tim just roooooll of the tongue?) Anyways, I soujourned to lincoln friday afternoon and purchased a ton skeleton keys for my necklaces (38 if you wanna get particular) which I just purchased finishing clasps for them so they should be up on monday? or later today.maybe.

After key shopping I went to first fridays (photo based!! *swoon*) It was fairly disappointing, I expected more but maybe i got over excited. Taura Horn was there again and she had cute new pictures (interweb link) of native nebraska twas lovely. and there were baby pastries at a corner exhibit so that was nice. Then we went to walmart and got supplies for cakeball making. Breanne, Blair and I made red velvet cakeballs with almond bark on the outside, then watched Ponyo on the cliff by the sea by anime gods, studio ghibili, for a bit and hit the hay.

8 far-to-short hours later, bleary eyed me was awake and preparing for the maiden voyage of tim&walter. We decided to be hipsters and breeze played melodica while I sang while we drove 2 hours to quaint walnut (pop. 837). Up to expectations the town was choc-o-block full of antique shops (11 out of 18 ) And I was nothing short of a tourist as a oo'd and aa'd my way down the brick road. The first three shops were far too expensive, and we soon discovered the basements are way frigid. So we park ourselves at Aunt B's for a lovely meatloaf lunch before continuing the rummage. We searched through 7 more stores and found a mirad of wonderful things. I ended up buying a knit blanket, a three tiered cake plate, a large suitcase, 3 old cameras and all under 50 bucks :D!
*Swoon* A tiny working baby piano just like the ones
Margot & the Nuclear So and So's had in concert :D!

A delicious meatloaf meal for me, and a chicken pita for Breanne.

MM. Action shot. omnomnom.

A baby cast iron oven complete with leaf attachments!

Charming owl teapots

*sigh* A panoramic photo I really wanted,
but alas i'm cheap and twas 75 bucks.

Behold, the queen reigns from her wicker throne.

Jigglypuff gold plated pokemon card? yes, amazing.

Reflection portrait, note how empty the street is.

A cute, overfilled shop with gorgeous light,
sadly it was closed. I'll go back just for the pictures one day.

This shop had cute bells!

A chic french beret. I will attempt making knockoffs of this shortly.

Quilt Central!

A 3 story barn of antique-ish goodness.mmm.

All in all a wonderful day. I would recomend the sojourn to walnut, so worth it.

Look for necklaces, keychains, laptop bags, and potentially berets in the coming week :D.