Wednesday, December 7, 2011

But, I Digress

Hey friends! Been spending alot of time on youtube lately, and I honestly don't know howall the time slips away in four minute videos. Anyhow. Has everyone seen this video of the annual Holi festival of colors in Arizona?
ch-ch-check it out!

While you were watching that, I bet you noticed those sweet, sweet jams yeah? That's the work of bigfreshmouf out of california. Now, if your as suseptible to youtube suggestions as I am, this will lead you to this orabrush advert put out by bigfreshmouf and can't stop won't stop. Seriously, brushing your tongue has never looked so cool, or came with such a good soundtrack!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Could it Be? Flattery?

Hey blog-o-friends! It's Novemeber, that disturbingly close to the end of the year month. Time to rake up resolutions and finish projects. As it were I've taken to writing. I discovered nanowrimo. Did you know November is national novel writing month? Apparently it is! I had no idea! (also didn't know a novel was anything over 50,000 words) If you so choose, join as well. You only need to write 1667 words per day to reach a novel by the end of a month. So far it's rather enjoyable, i'm sure that will change once I get farther in. Regardless.

To begin we have Frank Miller's 'Nancy'. Followed by my copy in pencil.

I've got to say it was alot more cerebral than I thought it would be. It's not heavily ornamented so there's nothing to distract from a poorly drawn line or unclean edge. Everything must be carefully edged and finished, it really makes you appreciate a pencil sharper.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Etsy Revival!

Hey Friends!

Took a tiny break from blogging to focus on my Etsy for a bit, I've recently quit my job and took the opportunity to organize my flat and get around to the growing pile of  'projects-to-get-to'. One of which is a series of cashmere sweaters. Seriously, I exaggerate not. These pictures and posting is three years in the making, I hope your as excited as I.

Here's a link (sadly, not the legend of zelda kind)

Kindly take a gander and leave pearls of sagely wisdom!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Out And About

Today I woke up feeling adventurous (and oddly, simultaneously lethargic) and was greeted with a brisk cool Monday that seemed, adventure-conductive. So out and about I went, with aimlessness, I headed to Hong Kong island via the average 11:20am ferry to pay a couple bills followed by seating myself on a bench to simply feel the breeze and watch the people.

It seemed a quiet sort of day, and by the time 4 o clock rolled by I was happily entrenched with old, used books. I've discovered old books are equally good if not sometimes better. Opening a book to a handwritten dedication, scribbled groceries lists, or love doodles makes it feel like you got a little extra something in addition to deep discounts. A history of sorts to go with that particular book. Children's books are particularly good for hidden secrets maybe because they had no fear of writing on the pages, and a need to be heard. Either way I picked up some books then went window shopping!

First stop was Vintage HK today the clocks really got my attention. There was this orange one, which was wind up with a little date on the side. Every time you flip it over it counts upwards! (how awesome is that?) it' makes lots of satisfying click noises but was sadly 700 HKD which is about 90 USD :( booooo. Instead got a dress with elephants holding stars :3

Next stop was Homeless, they have three branches all on Gough street. The main store focuses on decor and designer housewares, the second furniture and bigger items , and the third is a specialty store for handmade  mostly metal, rubber, glass, and pottery (this store is called blacksmith :3 so it follows..)

Finally my fav shot of the day! These pictures look antique but closeup it's clear they're fairly new (still perfectly glossy) But they look faded to various degrees purely from the effects of the sun. I think it's interesting how you can see their sequence by their pigments.

Oh! I got myself an instagram and thinking about pininterest! Message me you sn if you have either!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Foggy horsie.

I've been neglectful of this blog, but recently found myself  taking an alarming amount of pictures thinking , "I can post this later"  Of course, I rarely do because there are seemingly countless ways to get distracted from the process of taking a picture to writing and posting about it. Nevertheless, here is another attempt to bring it back. As you may or may not know (probably not since I failed to blog about it) I moved to Hong Kong little over a year ago, and naturally brought my camera with me :3 It has been harder to get pictures here than I thought it would be but more on that later (lest we get sidetracked).

There are many things I miss about America despite the many pros living in a larger city brings. One of which is the wide open spaces, and animals.  On a particularly foggy morning ferry (see left) on the sea, I found myself reminiscing of the two animals that seemed to lurk about my house in hazy viewing conditions, one the previously blogged about fox, and second the random horses in the fields. Horses are rather.. thin on the ground here in HK, but thank goodness I have pictures to reminisce by :3