Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Computer deprivation.

Hullo again! It's been ages since i've been in a blogging mood.

Well from July-November I didn't have a computer at all, unless you count the sketchy laptop I was forced to share with my mother (which I don't) Finally I sucked it up and sat outside best buy for 10 hours on black friday and got myself a good desktop and baby netbook :D

Then December/January got all busy at work since it is retail.

Which leads me to February. Half of which I spent drooling over ebay/etsy, eating at a newly discovered cracker barrel, complaining about the cold/snow, and taking pictures in the cold. That was before I came to my senses and started writing letters to everyone whose addresses I actually have, and now it's the 23.

Which means... theoretically, that i'm getting my act together, actually posting on etsy/blogging, and consigning/cleaning like a madwoman or maybe a squirrel on crack hiding her best acorns.

Anyhow computer re-privation has led to alot of sleep deprivation :( But anyhow I'm cutting my hair this Friday! Expect jumping hair pictures/obligatory new haircut pictures :D!