Sunday, February 15, 2009


Hurrah, hurray for Fridays, and soulful evenings with friends, good live music and half inch thick by 7 inch cookies. Mmm. I know, it's been a week since I posted, erk, *bonks-self-on-nose* bad Joanna but it's been a long week.

YAY! breezy made me a poppy hair clip it was uber cute :D

Poppy hair clip :D
Tuesday my parents came back from a 13 day search for a new home in colorado, so of course I procrastinated and didn't really clean, and was late picking them up. Then they tell me we have a new home, and the agent is coming sunday, and the moving evaluators are coming monday and I have 4 days to clean, craft, and drive my mother around for errands. BOO. Not to mention they have all this home improvment they have to get worked out this weekend, before my father has to go work in colorado, so their really stressed and barking orders and it's general chaos at my house.

Luckily my friend Amanda saves me, and via the magic/evil of facebook we planned a day of cake baking :D. The recipe changed multiple times but in the end she chose a red velvet 3 layered heart cake with meringue frosting and almond heart garnishes. 2 grocery trips, 15 minutes of trying to get her dog to stop quivering, and a sandwich later, be began on our endeavor. We double the recipe, and had alot of questions (does pink instead of red make a difference, how much cocoa was that again, does the meringue look 'peaked' to you?)
WAIT! 2 cups of vinegar? ..vinegar?! Luckily we didn't put the vinegar in. it was a minor handwriting-0, but still i was reaal hesitant to put 2 teaspoons of vinegar in.

Egg in a shell :D! It's just so perfectly fitted.
Red, well, pink velvet mix.

Question: (this goes to all you bakers) have you ever put vinegar in a cake, any cake? let me know, it was foreign to me! Anyways in the end the cake was going pretty ok, until we put the meringue on. Sorry Amanda, it was just an odd, odd cake, and not very stable, and kinda lumpy. sad :(

Anyways that was Wednesday, on thursday i got lots of colored polyvinyl to make my camera shaped camera bag. Yay for sales! the vinyl was the 3 mm thick premium kind :D! and on sale for 3 dollars a yard (compared to it's normal 7 dollars) I had a good talk with Kionna and we worked out the details to the lining; i spent thursday night making the rest of the template. I plan on devoting my monday to it so plan on pictures maybe tuesday, probably thursday.

Friday the 13 was wonderful, it snowed a butt-ton (7 ish inches). i don't care what the weatherman said no way was it four! for all intensive purposes i discredited him the moment my mother sent me to school in full rain garb with no change of clothes and it didn't rain a lick that day, and i couldn't play with the other children because of my yellow plastic coat that stuck to everything. :/

anyhow....bemis in downtown omaha had a benefit concert FRIGGATRSKAIDEKAPHOBIA!(lineup: Honeybee, Bear Country, Capgun Coup, Conchance, & Box Elders) and my asian counterpart Moral invited me to the preparty with a small tilly and the wall concert! So I dragged my ass out of bed, shoveled the snow, and bust out of the house to brave the crappy snow-covered roads. 20 minutes later I am downtown getting a signature sharpie X drawn on my hand and eating abnormally giant oatmeal raisin cookies. *mini heaven*

We (Alexandra, Moral, Claire, Mary, and I) danced along as tilly played sing songs along, and couple of random songs, a 'beat control' cover, and freest man :D (fave!) And Jamie had her cute nephew there too, which of course i took pictures of. After Moral's dad managed let us meet the band and take pictures *contented sigh*

Honeybee was wonderful, and so was Bear Country (i think i subconsciously like bluegrass/country twang) but at the end i left around midnight, so tired since i had been there since seven. All in all Friday the 13th was a success and nothing but snow went wrong take that!

Susan sings soulfully (Bear Country)
Instrumentalist from Honeybee, jamin' on the melodica
Melissa (Honeybee) & hubby Brandon in the background
Honeybee brought a quilt!
I think she might have noticed Amelie (my camera)
Moral, Alexander, Claire, Mary & I with Tilly and the Wall
Cute keyboardist!
Awesome sketchy man with great shirt & scarf combo.
Balloons & an oval tambourine.
Mmm. Hydration.
Jamie's having fun!
Kionna shows her UK pride
Sing songs along!
They're looking at her nephew who was fixated on the moracca
Opening song
Nephew silhouette

That's all for now!, tomorrow i'm making record bowls and i've decided to make this more a photo & crafts blog so the theme will be animals!

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  1. thanks for pimpin my goods, jojo.

    honeybee has got it goin on. way to rep the melodica. i think they bring that granny-square afghan to every show. it's almost as great as mine :)